Private Coaching Package

What can a Coach offer you?

A steady hand...

so you can find your balance

Ever find yourself looking for a Pause button?

Sometimes the days start running together...and sometimes the days are loooooong...and you've got nothing to show for it.
Do you feel like you're just going through the motions on auto-pilot to take care of your family and get through your day.

Dish after dish...

Load after load...

Day after day.

A lot of Effort-ing. Not enough Result-ing.

Have you ever thought...

  • Is this it?
  • What's wrong with me?
  • Something's "off"...

This used to be me. I thought something was wrong with me. In fact, I was pretty sure there was...
I couldn't find that missing link in Grad school, or Corporate America, home-based businesses, or homeschooling my boys...

And then I realized...
as much as I wanted my "work" or "just being a mom" to be enough, I knew my earthly purpose was meant to be greater.

I just needed to get my ducks in a row to actually DO something about it.

I was stuck and in a funk. My therapist only helped me get unfunk'd. Coach was who helped me get unstuck.

Sessions with a coach, not only gives you a pause button every other week, but an hour of structure and focus you need to move forward.
You will leave with more clarity about who you are and how you operate. So many lightbulb moments!
You will gain the momentum to start checking things off your list. Even those lingering items on your to-dos that you keep floating to the next day...and the next day...

The best part...
instead of feeling like a diagnosis / prognosis session that might make you feel stuck in your past or unworthy to make a difference...
You will get the perspective and the game plan to set boundaries that motivate yourself to stay on top of things.

I couldn't believe it myself! My old story finally stopped having such a tight grip on me!

Now, as your Coach, I can pay it forward...

  • Maybe you feel stuck at home, or stuck at a job, or stuck in the same argument with your partner, or thought pattern of self-doubt that keeps you playing small and feeling like you don't matter.
  • Or, Maybe you have no margins between dramas or you're just so ridiculously busy that the overwhelm is catching up with you and you need someone to help you find the brain space to focus so you can prioritize where to start.
  • Or, Maybe you just want to stop spinning your wheels or finally make a decision because the procrastination is draining your energy and you're not ready to give up.

Stop feeling like you're living on someone else's advice or expectations.
Recognize your own strengths, establish boundaries and focus, and let's work together to move you forward.

You want those Lightbulb Moments, so you can finally...

  • Overcome the self-doubt of Imposter Syndrome and overwhelm
  • End the frustrations of your work / life imbalance 
  • Stop aimlessly wandering, unfocused or impulsive, and be more intentional
  • Connect more genuinely with your partner, family, team or audience
  • Redirect negative energy from anger, shame, and fear to fuel you instead of drain you
  • Step into your greatness and Be the role model you want to Be




Single Session


One-off,  a la carte Session

  • Priority Scheduling
  • Private account to access session recordings and transcripts

TransformationAL Package


per 4 monthly payments, or
pay in full and save

  • 6 Sessions + 1 Progress Check Session
  • Priority Scheduling
  • Private account to access session recordings and transcripts
  • Up to 6 months of Membership Benefits and Ongoing Support
  • Best Value

Professional Package


per 4 monthly payments, or
pay in full and save

  • 3 Sessions + 1 Progress Check Session
  • Priority Scheduling 
  • Private account to access session recordings and transcripts
  • Up to 3 months of Membership Benefits and Ongoing Support

When you choose a package, you get...

Priority Scheduling

Access to my Priority calendar to schedule your sessions. Your sessions get the priority spots of my calendar! You can also manage your appointments easily on your dashboard.

Searchable Recordings

Access to a private account of all of your personal session recordings, with captions and downloadable transcripts. The best part is the audio is searchable! Find any audio clip by keyword!
(Powered by Searchie)

Member Benefits

Access to The Dojo while you are an active client, including Expert Guest Speakers, expanding Media Library, Discounts on courses, and Enneagram Masterminds for implementation, brainstorming and networking.

Progress Check Session

Other coaching packages lack this key ingredient. A dedicated follow-up session scheduled within 3 months of your last session to reflect, recommit, rejoice, and rearrange your priorities based on your results so you keep moving forward!


Stop putting off your Lightbulb Moments....

Schedule your Sessions and start being more productive today!