Turn your Knowledge or Services into a Profitable Business

Whether you're looking for some
Passive Income
or starting
a New Venture

Make sure you've nailed down the Fundamental Concepts of Business that many Business Coaches glaze over or even skip! šŸ˜±

Know Yourself
Know Your Audience
Know Your Path

Can you say "Heck Yes!" to all 3 of these?

Do you know your Core Values
or have a Personal Mission Statement?

Do you understand Who is your Ideal Client?

Do you have a Clear Roadmap to help
your Clients see their own Progress?

If you said NO to any of these questions...

Don't Worry!

We Got You!

Why are these things Important?

Oftentimes Businesses fail because you aren't being True to yourself.

By understanding your Personality,
you'll know what drives you, so Work won't feel like Work.

Good-bye, Procrastination!

If you don't know exactly who you're looking for, you have a lower chance of finding them.

By having a Niche that's in alignment with your Personality, you will stand out among your Competitors so your Perfect People will respond to your Offer.

Sayonara, Crickets!

People crave structure...even though sometimes you might deny it!

Who wants to Waste Time or Energy on something that isn't working??

By giving your Clients a yardstick to track their Progress, you're putting the Power into their Hands which leads to higher Commitment and Satisfaction!

Plus, you can be freed up to Scale
(or Retire!).

Au revoir, Burnout!

Hi! I'm Jen.

I've not always felt as put together as I looked.

For over 2 decades, I've been using my expertise about Personality to help
Leaders and Educators understand themselves and others better so they could
Collaborate more Effectively to become more Productive and Profitable teams.

When I left Corporate to start my first business as a work-at-home mom,
I was stressed out over balancing home and work,
overwhelmed by #allthethings that a new entrepreneur must learn,
and I constantly felt like I was behind in the progress of my Business,
even though I was putting in So.Much.Effort.
My colleagues saw me as successful, But I was overworked and burned out.
My business, marriage, parenting and health were suffering, and I didn't feel like myself anymore.

I've learned that Relationships have the Power to make or break the success of a venture.
Not just my professional relationships, but personal ones too.
But most importantly, my relationship with myself.

Later, I started my second business with a better understanding of who I am and what I'm called to do. This small shift in perspective made all the difference in my Happiness and the Freedom that Being your Own Boss brings.

That's why in this course we start with YOU.

Getting to what is CORE to you FIRST will
Strengthen your Relationships AND Strengthen your Business!

Here's How You'll Do It:


Build on a Solid Foundation

Learn about the 3 legs of your "Personality Tripod" that keeps you Grounded and Stable.

Hello, Motivation!


Attract the People you can Serve

Learn the Secret to Connect with Individuals instead of getting lost in the Shuffle of Generalities or Overshadowed by the Competition.

Hey there, Profit!


Empower Them through your Content

Learn to create your Content to systematically  guide your Clients in solving their Problem so you can guarantee Results.

What's up, 5-Star Reviews!

Here's How I Support You:

Option 1:

Self-Paced Course

  • 30 minute 1-1 Onboarding Call with Jen*
  • 3 Modules of Pre-Recorded Lessons
  • Resources to Guide you through each Stage of the Process
  • Community Discussions to get your Questions answered
  • Lifetime-Access to Course and Updates

    *Must be held within 30 Days of purchase

Option 2:

VIP Support

  • Access to everything in Option 1
  • Access to the 9 Acknowledgement Languagesā„¢ Course, a Communication Strategy Course
  • Access to the Get Connected for Leaders and Business Owners, a Beginner to Intermediate Enneagram Course
  • Access to the Get Connected Content Creation Templates
  • 4 weeks of Mastermind Coaching
  • Exclusive Invitation to join The Dojo** (Membership Access and Benefits)

    **1st Month free when you choose Option 3