Be an Enneagram Ninja

Confidently be the happier, healthier you for yourself, your family and those you lead.

6-Week Self Paced Course Summary

Get a more intuitive understanding of the 9 types, their stances and how they filter the world, PLUS the subtypes that make each one of us unique and individual.

This is a self-paced course for both Enneagram newbies and Enneagram fans. You'll be guided through the exercises step-by-step to create your 5-minute game plan to reduce stress, based on the C.O.R.E. Personality framework, and preview the complete white belt to black belt roadmap that gives you the ninja skills to simplify your Enneagram profile into a practical daily tool you can use right away.

Course Curriculum

Lindsay L

Homeschool Mom and Soccer Coach

Because of family dynamics and crisis type events I have always had trouble with realizing and using my God-given strengths to navigate relationships and personal goals. With Jen, I learned better techniques for interpersonal skills and it’s improved my life immensely.

Be an Enneagram Ninja course


  • Be an Enneagram Ninja course
    • Secrets to Enneagram Typing mini-course
  • Unboxing Your Enneagram community for discussions 
    (no social media account req'd)

The Dojo

A Coaching Experience

  • Be an Enneagram Ninja course + Live weekly support
  • Hot Seat Coaching + Breakout sessions to help move you along roadmap from purpose to impact
  • The Master Library + playlists
  • Dojo Conference All-Access Pass
  • Members-only area with Community Support and accountability
  • and more!